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Create a minimalistic site similar to leading streetwear and lifestyle brands such as Supreme.
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Plain Jane starter Is:

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a default Shopify
theme is not an option

When launching a new streetwear, fashion, or lifestyle brand online, you're immediately up against the biggest players. All competing for the same customer attention, in a crowded online space.

Using a default Shopify theme, or having a cookie cutter site just isn't an option, especially if you want to maximize your potential.

Its vital that your site is professional, creative, quick, and functional.

Plain Jane STARTER features

simple uncluttered shop page

email signup password page

store clock


  • ✅ Shop Page
  • ✅ Product Page
    ✅ Lookbook Page
    ✅ Contact Page
  • ✅ Blog
  • ✅ Email Signup
  • ✅ Store Clock
  • ✅ Email Signup

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