How To Activate Your License Key


This quick guide will help you figure out how to activate your license key for your OPENSPACES products. It's important to activate your license key otherwise your customer account with OPENSPACES will be suspended. The suspension will remain until your license is activated. Suspended accounts will not receive customer support or theme updates

Step 1:

Find your license keys for your products in your email. All license keys will be sent to the email that was used at purchase. If you can't find your license key, please get in touch via email or Discord in the #custom-requests channel.

Step 2: 

Next go to the OPENSPACES License Activator here.

From this page copy and paste your license key into the license key field. Then copy and paste your default store URL into the Store URL field. If you're having difficulty finding your default Shopify URL check out our previous post here

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