Adding Dropdowns To Your Product Pages With Plain Jane 2.0


Plain Jane 2.0 comes with built in Product page dropdowns (or accordions) so you can section off information a lot better, and have your product pages look very professional. In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to add them to your products.

Step 1:

First we need to head straight to the settings from the Shopify admin panel, then go to Custom Data. From there we will click into the Products in the Custom Data section. Please view the below screenshots as reference.

Theme Settings > Custom Data > Products

Step 2: 

After clicking into the Products custom data field, next click the "Add Definition" button on the top right of the page.

Step 3:

Next we will create a new product metafield definition by adding a "Name" and by "Selecting a Type". Ignore everything else after this.

The name is what will show on your product page, and the type that you select will be the type of content inside the dropdown on your product page.

In most cases if you just want to type up some extra information you should use the "Multi-Line Text" type.

If you're looking to add a sizing chart you created ,you should use the "File" type

Step 4:

Finally go to a product that you want to add dropdown info too. Once on a product scroll to the very bottom and you will find the metafields we created earlier.

From here just add your information and save your changes.

Step 5:

Now when we take a look at our live product page, scroll down and click on a dropdown to view its content.

Add as many dropdowns as you need for your products, and explore the different types of content you can use.

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